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This comm was originally inspired by members of ontd_startrek. You do not have to be a member of ONTD_ST to post or play here! You just have to want to play with Star Trek puppets. :D

Please read the whole profile page before posting!

Here are some simple rules and guidelines:

1. ANY Star Trek related RP and RP requests are allowed here. This includes crossovers, AU, slash, RPS, adult-themed RP, and advertisements for other RP comms.

2. Not everyone likes to play with all those kinds of scenarios and characters. That's okay. If someone is advertising for a scene you don't like, SCROLL PAST IT. If someone answers one of your posts in a way you don't like, or with a suggestion you don't like, BE POLITE. There will be absolutely NO flaming allowed here. If the mods find out that you are being a jerk to someone outside the comm as a result of something posted here, you get the banhammer. Act like a grownup, whether you are one or not. We're here to have fun!

3. All posts must include WARNINGS when necessary. This rule is non-negotiable. Any scene request or in-character log rated above PG-13 absolutely must be under an LJ-cut and absolutely must have warnings OUTSIDE the cut.

4. In the interest of keeping this comm as diverse and welcoming to all fans as possible, NC-17 scenes and requests should be friends-locked and SHOULD NOT in any way encourage underage players to take part. If any adult scene here is found to involve an underage player, it will be deleted and further actions may be taken if the same people do it more than once.

5. Please do not critique requests or IC logs unless the original posters specifically allow it. We are not the canon police. The sole purpose of this comm is to allow people with an interest in RPing Star Trek to find partners and share their writing.

NOW, a few guidelines on how to post here:

This community is mainly for advertising for RP partners, AND for doing one-off scenes. This is not an RP community with a continuous storyline or setting, so there are no restrictions on how many people can play the same character here (Hell, you can even do scenes with two people playing the same character together! That would be awesome). The scene and setting are whatever you decide it is. You can post here in-character or out. You can post an idea for a scene you'd like to play with a partner, request someone to play a specific character, or post in-character and see who responds and what happens! You can also post links to scenes played in other games or on private journals, if you think they're worth sharing. Please only post completed scenes if you do that, though, unless you are posting as part of an ongoing storyline.

To make it easier for people to understand what's going on, ALL posts should be marked "IC" ("in-character") or "OOC" ("out of character") in the SUBJECT of the post, so it is clear whether the post is a person or a puppet speaking. All posts should ALSO have a header at the top basically resembling this:

CANON: (which ST series do you want to play in/are you playing in?)
CHARACTERS: (which characters are being requested/offered/played in this post?)
DETAILS: (mostly for IC posts: a short summary of the scene that is played out. This is not required, but is nice for people who want to read scenes with content that interests them.)
WARNINGS: (Note either "none" or list warnings. This is required before every post rated PG-13 or above.)

If you are posting IC for the purpose of playing a specific scene with a specific partner or partners, you can also include in the header a note that this scene is LOCKED to certain players. If a scene is marked LOCKED, you must have permission from the original poster to reply to it. If a scene is NOT marked as locked, anyone can reply to it -- and original posters, don't come crying to the mods if you don't lock your scenes or adequately describe what kind of replies you want and someone answers in a way you don't like. :P

There is no requirement on how many locked RP threads you can play here, since the idea is that this comm is a place for people to come read interesting co-written scenarios as well as find new people to play with... though bear in mind that if you start getting spammy, you may be asked to tone it down.


And if you have any further questions, comments, or complaints, contact your loving mods:
Ven: IM: "Ven badger" E-Mail: friarsghost @ gmail.com
Kinetic: IM: "homerunmafia" E-Mail: kinetic1028 @ gmail.com